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Anti-Racist Organizations Must Drop the ADL (Electronic Intifada, 2022)*

The Anti-Democratic Origins of the Jewish Establishment (Jewish Currents, 2021)*

The ADL Is Not a Friend to Social Justice Movements (Portside, 2022)*

How the ADL’s Israel Advocacy Undermines Its Civil Rights Work (Jewish Currents, 2021)*

Opinion: “Criticizing Oppressive Zionism is Legitimate, not Antisemitic” (San Diego Union Tribune, 2021)*

“What is the Anti-Defamation League doing in my school?” (, 2021)*

“Politics: The ADL is not what it seems” (Boston Review, 2020)

Video: Weaponizing Antisemitism Allegations: Challenging Empires, Defending Communities (Shelter & Solidarity, 2020)

“Beware the Anti-Defamation League’s Efforts to Partner with Progressive Orgs” (In These Times, 2020)

“Attacks from pro-Israel groups threaten California’s ethnic studies curriculum” (Jewish Currents, 2020)

“Watered-Down “Anti-Racism Training” in Schools Is Perpetuating Racism” (Truthout, 2020)

“U.S. Police are Being Trained by Israel—And Communities of Color Are Paying the Price” (, 2019)

“Marc Lamont Hill Was Arguing for the Rights of Humans, Not of States” (The Nation, 2018)

Revealed: Deputy Director of ICE was sent by the ADL for training with the Israeli military (Jewish Voice for Peace, 2018)

“ADL Tells Cops To Infiltrate Antifa — And Film Protests” (Jewish Daily Forward, 2017)

“How the Anti-Defamation League Fuels Islamophobia” (Alternet, 2013)

New Details of Extensive ADL Spy Operation Emerge (LA Times, 1993)


Deadly Exchange Campaign (Jewish Voice for Peace, 2021)*

The Palestine Exception to Free Speech: A Movement Under Attack in the US (Center for Constutional Rights, 2015)

The Business of Backlash: The Attack on the Palestinian Movement and Other Movements for Social Justice (IJAN, 2015)


The ADL is not an ally. #DropTheADL
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Infographic & link to IG post
From Greeley High School students:
Infographic & IG discussion on why ADL anti-bias education isn’t anti-racist education.*
From American Muslims for Palestine: #DropTheADL*

*Asterisks indicate updates posted by the the Drop The ADL Working Group after the publication of the open letter and primer.*